11 January 2013

The "confiscated child" is free

During his reading of the verdict and sentences, judge Steinmetz made a particularly humiliating and hurtful remark. He said that he didn't believe AW's explanation that his child had been kidnapped because he was owing money to a shopkeeper and that this had been the reason why he had participated in the attack on the Taipan. The judge said he didn't believe AW because he had not repeated that story in his last words on the last day of the trial.

It must have been difficult for AW to remain calm and quiet when he heard that he was given a harsher sentence as a result. But other people did believe him and raised the money required to have the young boy released by producing a fundraiser book "The confiscated child".

                          380 copies of the book were sold – enough to have the child released.

The money was transferred to Somalia and we have just had confirmation that the boy has been released and is safe with his family!

All this, while the court is still working on typing up the written verdict, which again shows the court's ignorance and inability to understand the world outside of its own confinement.