24 July 2012

Comics on the Trial

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                  send to us from two students of the Hamburg University and commenting the Court case.
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14 July 2012

The Confiscated Child - Fundraiser Booklet

The Confiscated Child

One of the accused in the Hamburg 'Piracy Trial' tells the story of how his child was kidnapped when he couldn't pay his debt. The booklet is a fundraiser to free his child. It is illustrated, hand-coloured and the 500 copies are individually numbered.

Available at Schanzenbuch book shop (Schulterblatt 55, 20357 Hamburg).
For bulk orders contact us at ReclaimTheSeas@googlemail.com

Price: €5.00

13 July 2012

Court Report Day 94 – The Prosecutor's Apprentice

Court Report, 12 July 2012.

Today, a further witness from the German federal police was heard. L. works at Frankfurt airport and he participated in the conversation with the Indian journalist R., who had interviewed the crew of the dhow Hudhud. The officer's statement was supposed to resolve discrepancies between R's recollection of the conversation and the notes taken by the other officer, B.

L. stated that he was asked by B. to accompany him to the TV station, but that he had no idea what it was about. His area of responsibilities were kidnappings. Why he - 'the driver', as he was called by one lawyer - ended up signing the file notes remained a mystery.

12 July 2012

Holiday Programme V

Scenes from the theatre play PARLEZ! produced by the theater group Geiheimagentur.

09 July 2012

06 July 2012

Holiday programm III

The "Pirate Special" was a major attraction at last year's consumer fair 'Du und Deine Welt'. Reflected in the windows is the Hamburg remand prison, were 7 of the accused are still held.

05 July 2012

Holiday Programme II

Solidarity rally at the waterfront. 'Somali fish sandwiches', which are missing the fish because it has been poached by European trawlers were sold to raise funds for phone cards for the accused.

02 July 2012

Holiday Programme

While the defendants are waiting for the court and the the lawyers to return from their summer holidays, we will show a few pictures from the last 18 months...

During a public rally in the park outside the remand prison - more than a year ago.