03 February 2012

73 day of Trial, Six hours presence for 86 minutes of court.

We definitly think that many " time management experts" would very much enjoy giving some advices to the Court. Here a visual timeline of the court day of the 73 day of Trial.
Yellow- are the times where we all where just waiting.
Green-  the real court times.
All in all 86 minutes of court, spread in a six hours day
Every stop means that the acused are brouhgt away in the prison, the journalist and publik have to wait .

The judge insists on his new program  to start everyday at 8 am.
Altough it was him and the Court who entered at 8.20,  with 20 minutes delay.
Well.. We had noticed already before,  that we are not in England...

While yeasterday the two first lawyers of one acused, could present their final speeches .
Today no lawyer could be heard .

The court started the day anoucing the decisison ( that everyone expected)  that they follow the prosecut,ors proposal and deny both requests of the lawyer of one of the youths to hear as witness the psychiatrists who is
acompaniing the youth since the begining of the trial.
The reasons that he could asure that the younger one is having a very good behaviour in prison, that he is willing to learn, he works and it is obvious that since he is in germany he will not anymore have any reason to do something kriminal.
The court refused to hear the psychiatrist saying that they also take this for granted.
They will decide this and not a psychiatrist they said.

This was also concerning the second of the young ones . Actually the prisons direktor has asured in the past, that all three are behaving so well, that if all prisoners would be like them, they could dismiss half of the people working there.

Next was the refusal to introduce to the laywers and the court, material of the research of the german BKA police.  What one of the lawyers had requested.
This refusal kept the court busy half the day and ended up with the lawyer saying that he doesnt acept this court to be fair and he refuses to continue the trial with them.
It is  another court  who decides about it, during the time the court is unable to continue working.

Its is not the first lawyer and also not the frst time, that the court is denied by the laywers.
 Since it is their own kollegues who decide,  its clear that they always decide that the judges are objektiv and schould continue the court case. The joke is that the judge who was denied by the lawyers reads on his own the decision that he is doing his job well.

some court observers believed that the prosecutor could only pronounce one word:denyed!