30 January 2012

Trial is coming to a close

After the prosecution held its cynical and racist closing address last week, the trial seems to be finally coming to a close. Next, the defence lawyers will deliver their closing addresses. Depending on their length, this may only take a few more hearings.

The defendants are mostly in a state of shock. They have lost all trust in the German 'justice system' that took advantage of their willingness to make statements. They believed that if they made honest statements, the court would give them credit for that. Instead, they had to experience how every single word they said was turned against them and used by the prosecution as an argument for an even harsher prison sentence.

Come and support the prisoners by your presence during the final court days. The next dates are:

Wednesday, 1 February, 8 am
Friday, 10 February, 8 am
Wednesday, 15 February, 8 am