10 February 2012

74 Trial day

FREEDOM ist written on the side miror of the prisoners transport

The accused say they don't need back the things that were taken away from them by the police: one flipflop shoe, some plastic bags, some pieces of paper. The judge asked the accused whether they want to get back any of this and one of them said:

I am not missing anything!
I don't expect anything, either!

On this trial day, the lawyers of most of the Somali requested severance of the trial. There is one lawyer who still demands to have additional witnesses heard to prove his client's innocence. Most of the other lawyers want to end the trial as soon as possible, and for their clients to finally know - after two years on remand - how long they will have to spend in a German prison. 

The trial could eitehr be split into three parts: 
  1. the one who still wish witnesses to come (1)
  2. the young ones (3)
  3. the ones that have no witnesses anymore (6)
Or it could be split into two parts:
  1. the one who wants wtinesses to be heard by the court (1)
  2. all others (9)
The court wants to decide until the next trial day 15.2., 9.00 am.