23 January 2012

Statement by one of the accused on day 70.

"I have a question, Mr. Judge. I was born in Somalia. I was brought here to Germany, we are now in Germany. I don't know my way around here. I don't know what justice is like here. Do you only represent Germans? Everyone should have their rights. Before I say anything, I want to know: is there justice here at all?

I have stated several times that I am not a pirate, but a simple fisherman. I was beaten, injured, almost killed. The Dutch navy recorded all this. Why is this not mentioned here at all? I told the Dutch that I am not a pirate and they believed me. In Holland, they took photos of my injuries – why weren't they considered?

I asked the court to send for the records, but you said no. I don't care about military secrets. The injuries have healed partially now, but they are still visible. I don't understand – everything is one-sided here.

I have a question to you: are you married, do you have a wife? Do you know about every phone call your wife makes? Do you know all the numbers?

I can prove everything, but I believe you don't want to know. Back then, when the Dutch took us for 800 miles, they did with us whatever they wanted. They were stronger.

You accused me of not being credible, that I had betrayed my wife. You are not credible by accusing me of that. You know nothing about my culture and you accuse me of not being credible. You should go to Somalia. I am very angry that you are accusing me of not being credible."

(The judge replied that he won't answer personal questions and referred the accused to the closing statements).