23 January 2012

Day 69 - 17 January 2012- The court wants to see our country through German eyes.

Day 69 - 17 January 2012
More phone numbers keep the court busy. All the misterious numbers

turn out to be the numbers of the accused and their families.

Then a remonstrance by one of the accused:

"I had a lot of trust in the the German court.In Germany, this is totally different from Somalia. I trusted my lawyer and believed that the court would treat every thing I say carefully. That the court would take me seriously and not portray me as a liar. That is why I told the court my story. I never thought that the details would be used against me. I was very nervous. Everything was new to me: flying in a plane over foreign countries, food I had not known before. Also, I didn't want to incriminate my fellow countrymen. It is hard enough to be in prison. Everyone should say what they have to say and be responsible for their story. The court has tried to portray everything I have said in two days, and all the answers to the questions as lies. I have lost all trust in you! I was nervous. In Somalia, everything is different from the way it is in other countries. But the court wants to see our country through German eyes. When I hear that the court believes that it is better to be imprisoned here than to be free in Somalia, then this becomes very clear."