15 August 2011

PARLEZ – Real Pirates. Investigations in the den of the grouper.

'Fundus Theatre', Hamburg, 'geheimagentur' Hamburg
Première and co-production

24.08. - 26.08. 8pm, Kampnagel Theatre - K1
In German, English and Somali

Slavery, crusades, piracy – when we were children, this all seemed to belong to the distant past. Although – pirates? We celebrate them at children's birthday parties, at football games and in Hollywood movies. But in reality we have switched sides to the navy: “Daddy is off to hunt pirates” ran a headline in the MOPO newspaper, and the first piracy trial in 400 years is currently taking place in Hamburg. How is that possible, and what sort of pirates are they anyway? The 'Fundus' theatre gave 300 children the opportunity to ask questions of the Puntland pirates, and 'geheimagentur' went off into the den of the grouper to present the questions. During the summer festival they will incite Somali pirates, Hamburg children and the audience to PARLEZ. PARLEZ was the code word with which the pirates claimed their right to be heard at the pirate's council. On one side there is us, the wannabe pirates with black flags and eye patches, and on the other side there are the real pirates. What happens when spectacle and reality of piracy meet? What happens on the edges of the sphere of law, where common good and law are destroyed and have to be re-invented?

'Geheimagentur' is a free label which produces situations and installations that seem like fiction but then pass the reality check. “Our works want to create a different reality, instead of just reaffirming the old, with critical intentions”

[Concept and Realisation] geheimagentur
[With] Mustafa Omar, Agane Muhamad Farah, children from Hamburger schools and ex-pirates from Little Mogadischu / Kenia
[Research] Moira Lenz, Hagar Groeteke

Wed 24.08. 20:00 8 € - 12 € Kampnagel Kasse / Ticketonline
Thu 25.08. 20:00 8 € - 12 € Kampnagel Kasse / Ticketonline
Fr 26.08. 20:00 8 € - 12 € Kampnagel Kasse / Ticketonline