29 August 2011

New dates taking trial until end of November

The last few of days in court were spent hearing a psychologist from the youth authorities on the condition of one of the accused. The recurring theme with this affidavit and the defendants' own statements appears to be the fear of the accused for their families in Somalia, exacerbated by them being imprisoned and unable to help.

An expert witness aims the laser pointer at the panel of judges

Several trial dates in the last couple of weeks have been cancelled. The new dates have been set as follows:

Wed, 31. August
Thu, 01. September
Fri, 02. September
Mon, 26. September
Tue, 04. October
Wed, 05. October
Tue, 18. October
Wed, 19. October
Thu, 27. October
Fri, 28. October
Mon, 31. October
Wed, 02. November
Fri, 04. November
Tue, 08. November
Wed, 09. November
Mon, 14. November
Tue, 15. November
Mon, 21. November
Fri, 26. November
Tue, 29. November
Wed, 30. November