29 January 2011

Sunday 23.01.2011 Park Planten und Blomen

Statement read out during the "Winter Picnic in the Park" outside the Hamburg remand prison on Sunday, 23 January 2011.

Hello from the Friends of Subsistence Piracy and No One Is Illegal! 

Greetings, especially to the Somali prisoners to show them that not everyone is indifferent to the fact that they were hauled to this city and put in prison in order to put them on trial according to German law.

We took a look at the reasons for piracy, and are asking ourselves: why aren't whose on trial who dump toxic waste along the coast of Somalia, who sell weapons on a large scale to the warring factions in the civil war, who deplete the fish stocks off Somalia with their floating fish factories. Those who - with German money - train Somali soldiers and police officers in Uganda, who then are sent off - with German guns - to literally fire up the conflict in Somalia. Those who can't deny training even children to fight and to kill. But people who simply take what they've been denied are hauled here via the Netherlands to be put on trial here.

We wonder why? So that we can all see what happens, should we get the idea to capture one of those ships ourselves?

In the Elbe river, or in the North Sea maybe? Or do they believe that the news spreads in Somalia and that the people there are so scared that they prefer to die of starvation?

Or is the aim to send a signal to all those who don't feel like being exploited without showing any resistance? Look at our war ships, look how far our strong arm reaches, obey or we will throw you in one of our prisons. This is where we put anyone who doesn't stick to our rules.

That is why we are visiting zou today and wish you lots of power and endurance. So we can meet one day in freedom - true freedom for all. Without walls, fences, detention camps and prisons. Where everyone can live wherever they want