05 January 2011

Interview with Somali Refugee

Everything I tell you happened in front of me, not in history!

A. – Refugee in Germany from Somalia 
I will give you some information about my country and some other one concerning pirates.

The western countries, they are cause it, to be Somalian pirates.

Now I have some concern about Somali pirates. Now I will speak about pirates because some Somali pirates, they catch English people, man and woman who are so old. But Somali society they are fighting till today for their freedom. And really, we succeed that they are free. All the community send messages to let them free, then we win! This is something great for us, because the pirates they kill our dignity.
But the causes, as I believe, and not only me, but also other Somali people, the western countries they are causing it, to be Somalian pirates.
First there is a lot of fishers coming from western countries. Not only western, the whole world wide, they come to our sea and they took everything.