10 February 2014

Fishing for residency II

The solidarity auction “Fishing for Residency” was a huge success. Almost hundreds of fish, octopuses, marine mammals etc. of the most unbelievable kind were delivered and immediately snapped up by bidders. Some items resulted in true bidding duels. In the end, everyone – supporters, auctioneers, bidders and the organising crew – were equally exhausted and tired.

Almost the entire legal fees for papers for one of the Somali prisoners were raised with fish. Who would have thought. And there will be a sequel. Several famous and semi-famous artists have supplied or will be supplying their artwork in order to support Fishing for Residency and to raise funds for the legal fees for the prisoners from the piracy trial.

Keep an eye out for further announcements, some of the artwork will be shown on this blog prior to the next auction. Next time we will start earlier in order to give the smaller fishers, who have to go to bed early, a chance to make a catch. A big thank you to everyone and we will see you at “Fishing for Residency II”.