29 August 2012

Solidarity Rally in the Park

Last Sunday (August 26) a public rally was held in the park outside the Hamburg remand prison where seven of the Somali defendants have been held for over two years, waiting for their verdict

One of the biggest wishes of the prisoners has always been to hear Somali music. They can't listen to their language on the radio like other prisoners and the rules around getting CDs into prison are tight – only CDs from certain suppliers are allowed and most Somali musician aren't signed up with major labels.

The solution therefore, was to play their music in the park. The open mike was used to greet the Somali prisoners and other people also used the opportunity to say hello to their relatives and friends.

The weather was fine, the waffles tasted great, the kids played on the grass and maybe the prisoners felt a little bit less lonely in their cells that day.