05 August 2012

Court Report Day 95 – 30 July 2012

First, the judge announced that the applications for bail for two defendants had been declined.

Then yet another German Federal Police officer who had been present during the interview of the Indian journalist R. gave evidence. However, she could not add anything significant, most of her memories came from reading the notes.

 Next, a fax from the French police was presented, confirming that no finger prints of the 'crown witness' were held. This doesn't surprise us because in a successful hijacking there are no fingerprints taken – instead the ransom is paid, the crew released and the ship returned.
 This was followed by another call by the defence to investigate the connections of the 'crown witness' to his alleged brother in London. Several defence lawyers said that the prosecution should have undertaken these investigations a long time ago and that there was no excuse for not doing it.  The ensuing argument resulted in an application to to have the prosecutor heard as a witness in his own case. As expected, this application was declined.

Finally, one of the accused wanted to make a statement, but the court ran out of time.