25 March 2012

Somali Music in the Harbour

Today, Somali music could be heard at the Hamburg waterfront. This was the music, the ten accused in the trial would love to hear, but are having difficulty to get, due to the bureaucratic process of getting music into prison (the CDs have to come from a certified supplier, which are companies who don't usually carry Somali music).

The music was part of a rally with the slogan “Laden tables instead of armed conflicts”. The purpose was to draw attention to the situation in Somalia and the background of piracy. The latest development in the trial has meant that the trial will last even longer, and the attention is focussed on the admissions made by one of the defendants. The aspect of what has lead to the events on the Taipan are even less considered now than before.

The weather was fine and over a thousand flyers were handed out to passers-by. There were also 'Somali Fish-burgers' – dry bread buns with no fish, reflecting the situation in Somalia. Instead they contained a paper fish that read “This fish has been illegally taken by European fish trawlers”.

Speeches were held on the trial, the EU military operation ATALANTA and on the background of the music that was played.