01 March 2012

Day 79 - The judge wants to know more

The day after one of the accused made extensive statements, indicting most of his co-accused, he was questioned by the judge.

For every statement the accused had made the day before, the judge wanted to know more, wanted to get more indictments out of him. On several occasions, the judge kept repeating the same question over and over, ignoring the answer that was given, until the defendant either gave the answer the judge wanted to hear, or refused to answer. Objections by his lawyer were immediately overruled. There were only two options: either to provide more indictments, or to look bad himself by refusing to answer. It seems that there will be only one winner here - the prosecution.

Court was adjourned until 19 March, due to a lack of available time by everyone involved. No doubt, the judge will then proceed to interview the other accused on the points that were raised in the last couple of days. It is totally unclear at the moment, how the trial will proceed and when it might finish.