23 November 2012

The Captain and his Pirate

           The Captain and his Pirate

This new documentary film by German film makers Stefanie Brockhaus and Andy Wolff has premiered at the Leipzig Documetary Film Festival. Hopefully, it will be shown in Hamburg soon.

The film traces the capture of the container ship Hansa Stavanger in 2009, following the ship's captain Krzysztof Kotiuk and the Somali pirate leader. The ship owners refused to negotiate and so Kotiuk and his crew spent 122 agonising days in the hands of the pirates.

The lives described here are far removed from the glamorous lives of the "Pirates of the Caribbean". Instead they are lives of hardship and trauma, in a clash of worlds that couldn't be further apart.
foto: DOK Film Leipzig
 The film shows the mutual respect the two antagonists have for each other and the conflicting roles they find themselves in, raising questions of morality of a world that allows events like this to happen. 

The film is in various languages with English subtitles.