07 October 2012

Court Report Day 102 – 27 September 2012

The judge declared that the court would - once again - revert to gathering evidence. This was due to an application made in August 2010 – before the trial even began – by the accused who had become the 'crown witness' later on. The application stated that the accused had heard that his brother had died in a car accident and he had therefore applied for permission to phone his father.

However, the name and signature on this application were different from the name the accused had later given the court. The judge said that both the name and the reasons given for the phone call were in contradiction to what the accused had later told the court. When asked to explain the differences, the accused said that he could only remember making the application but couldn't remember any details.

The accused then became agitated and asked why things that were written two years ago would be relevant today, which prompted the judge to repeat his questions.

The court then took a break but never resumed because the 'crown witness' was declared unfit for trial for the rest of the day.

The following trial date (which would have been day 103) was also cancelled due to illness of the 'crown witness'.

The next scheduled trial date is Monday, 15 October 2012.