16 June 2012

Court Report Day 91 – 15 June 2012

Another short day in court.

One of the defence lawyers submits a lengthy application regarding hearing Stig Hansen, the Norwegian academic who had given evidence about the social situation Somalia at the beginning of the trial. The court had rejected the application to hear him again after allegations were made that the 'crown witness' had lied about his past. The application today was another attempt to have Hansen heard, on the grounds that the court had rejected hearing anyone from Somalia. The defence pointed out that the court had cited difficulties serving summons to people in Somalia and not being able to positively identify them as reasons not to hear any witnesses from Somalia. However, when it came to the Indian crew of the dhow, the court was happy to hear their statements via the Indian journalist without knowing being able to identify them. The court might apply different standards for witnesses for the prosecution and those for the defence.

Three other defence lawyers joined the application, the prosecutor wanted it rejected. The court will make a decision at the next hearing.

Then the judge presented a note from the French police, saying that they had no finger or palm prints from the 'crown witness'.

Finally, the court announced new trial dates, all the way to the end of November:

September 2012
Wed, 05.09.
Thu, 06.09.
Fri, 07.09.
Wed, 12.09.
Fri, 14.09.
Mon, 17.09.
Wed, 19.09.
Thu, 27.09.
Fri, 28.09.

October 2012
Mon, 15.10.
Wed, 17.10.
Fri, 19.10.

November 2012
Thu, 01.11.
Wed, 07.11.
Thu, 08.11.
Wed, 14.11.
Wed, 21.11.
Thu, 29.11.