03 May 2012

Court Report Day 85 – 2 May 2012

It was only a brief statement by the judge today and then everyone was dismissed. The judge had been trying to contact the two Indian fishermen to confirm that they are willing to give evidence from India. The first one had said that, after discussion with this family, he did not want to leave the town of Salaya, where he lives. The other one had not been answering his phone.

This led the judge to finish the day and also cancel the next court day on Friday, 4 May, because it was unlikely that the other witness would have been contacted by then. One could get the impression that the judge is losing interest in the case.

Then one of the lawyers suggested the court should check with the French navy, whether they still had the fingerprints of the accused X that were allegedly taken 4 years ago. If the prints exist it would mean that X had been lying. The judge agreed, indicating that he had thought of that as well.