27 April 2012

Court Report 84 Day - 27.4.12.

Today the judge presented the notes he took of two telefon calls, made yeasterday, with 2 Indian seamen of the crew of the Dhow Hurtrut .
The fonecalls had the purpose to see if the two seamen are willing and have important informations to be presented as witnesses in the Trial.

Both people expalined that they are not willing to come to Germany as withnesses , that they are rather scared to be witness in such a trial , that they anyway would not recognize anyone.
The offer the judge made, to be questioned in Mumbay or in New Dehli will be answered tomorow by both, aftre they diskuss about it with their families.

Then the acused person who has been naming and acusing all others,during the last court days, made a statement presenting all what he had talked some week ago, with the prosecutor .

He said:" I was willing to say to the Germans the same things i had said to the Durch marines."
And presented the details about how 7 of the somalis took part in the capture of the Dhow with the indian seamen, how they tried to attack a ship , how a german military ship came and forced them to return to somalian waters, following them till there and how then the last 3 of the now acused people, came on bord .

With this statement he saved the prosecutors image who would have been obliged to answer questions about the conversation, in Court.