08 December 2011

Court refuses to hear witness from Somalia for "ethical" reasons

It's not only about German justice, said a lawyer to the judge, it is also about German morals. "What you call 'bribery' as a reason not to invite an important witness to court, is called bakshish in other countries".
All witnesses from Somalia, that have been named by the lawyers have been refused by the court, for different reasons: Somalia has no goverment, no registration system so people don't have passports or visas. Therefore no one from Somali will be considered as witnesses by the court because they are not registered! And a German court cannot send a summons to someone who isn't registered by their government.
Does that mean that generally people from countries where there is war and no goverment are not suitable as witnesses in a German court?
Is a person's existence depending on their registration or their passport?
no one is illegal!