15 November 2011

When pirate games for German kids become popular...

Adventure magazine for cool pirates!

A magazine, already in the 7th issue, well done and amusing for German kids whose parents can afford to pay 3.40 euro for a copy.
It is sold all over Germany so that the youth can get a taste of the freedom and adventure that is expecting them at sea.

But what about the ones in Somalia who, because they are lacking the sausages to build pirate ships, are forced to really become pirates in order to have something to eat?

The inequality in this world is clear to see - anyone who can count to 3 knows.

Isn't it a strange thing to let the German kids read and play pirate games and at the same time imprison young Somali people for over a year and force them to attend court for more than 57 days now, also in Germany?

Two worlds clashing.
And no justice to be seen...