08 October 2011

On why Malta authorities refuse asylum to some young Somalis asking wrong questions.

The Somali Jung people are refused as asylum seeker , if they can not answer the question.
For example: what is the colour of Somali flag?
If you ask this questions maybe Somali young people don't answer because they haven't seen the flag in somalia.
Everybody knows what is going on in Somalia : war ! since 20 years!
In Somalia is no peace, since 20 years.
Somalia is no education, since 20 years
So that the young people of Somalia are not educated .
They can not answer more questions that are requested for asylum seekers.
This issue is a very important one, because the Somali refugee maybe he wants to defend his rights as asylum seeker . So i request the international community especially the refugee commissioner : respect the situation in somalia and learn more about what is going on in somalia.
That would be a good way.

So the people who ask the questions should be better informed about the situation in somalia?
Sometimes the commission asks Somalians: tell me the names of the rivers.
Also they ask: how many rivers you have in your country?
This questions are not answered because if you are in Mogadishu there is no river maybe the sea.
So somebody will say : i don't know.
Sometimes they are asking : how many regions exist in somalia?
It is not answered because nobody learned in somalia the regions
so he says : i don't know.
Then the refugee commissioner says: you are not Somali!
You are rejected for asylum.
That's not good.
Before they ask questions, they should learn the situation in Somalia, Eritrea.
If you ask first the question without knowing the situation, maybe you go the wrong direction.
I have no idea what is going on in Germany right now, so if i interview someone then i ask wrong questions about Germany.

Are they many young Somalis rejected in Malta?
Yes some Somali people have been rejected !
Sometimes they say you come from another region in somalia this region is peace.
But in somalia is not peace.
Every house in somalia has guns, every person in somalia has guns.
If you want you take the gun and kill,you kill,  no one is safe in somalia.
Somalia is a war nation. Somalia is one country. One language.
So i request international community respect the refugees of somalia.
Somali people want assistance for peace.
If peace in my country i stay in my country , i like my country.
I don't want another country.

You see my age now, i stay in my country 43 years, i never went anywhere , now i go because i worry about my life,
Always i say i hope i hope this war is finishing tomorrow, my feeling my feeling. But it doesn't stop the war in somalia.
If you see the warlords in somalia they change only the names, but they are killing the people.
Always killing the people including women and children.Especially in southern somalia.

If you look what is going on now in Mogadishu , the government is fighting and Islamic groups.
All this fractions they are killing the people because they use the attacks in the community the villages. The people are running in town and outside of Mogadishu, you know what is going on now i somalia, famine no peace people are hungry, no education. I wrote an article: “the short man can see the sky” but why does the international community not see what is happening in somalia?
My article is in the amnesty international report.

What would be the solution for Somalia?
The warlords in somalia are using the fighting like business, they support the fighting in somalia.
For example the government in somalia supported money counters on the other side the oppositions leaders especially the Islamic groups they support the military assistance like guns, supported the medical support . Also the moral support , when the international talked they defend the opposition leader he says good guys i don't know .. the government controls only a small area in Mogadishu
everybody knows, other Islamic groups control more , why?
Somalia wants a government! somalia wants peace!

The internationals only listen like a story, that's not good.
The people need assistance, urgent assistance, we want peace peace.

Interview made in Malta 15. September 2011 with a somali humanrights activist and refugee.