09 May 2011

Report from 4 April 2011

Today, the team leader of the special commando on board the Tromp gave evidence. He appeared under the pseudonym “Jeffrey” and was wearing make-up, a wig and a false moustache. The judges asked several questions regarding the type of ammunition that was used. He stated that only .50, 7.62 and 9mm were used.

The defence then questioned “Jeffrey”at length about the interviews the accused were subjected to on the Tromp. It turns out that either he can't remember or he's not allowed to say. Apparently he was in charge of the of security during the interviews and therefore witnessed some of them. However, he couldn't remember anything that was said or how long the interviews went. He's not allowed to say how many security personnel were there and he can't remember who signed the minutes. There are apparently no records of who worked on which day. It seems impossible to get anything out of this witness.