26 April 2011

Exclusive Fotos of a cruise Dubai-Nizza traveling the same time and route like MS TAIPAN

A Grandpa happened to travel on a Cruise trip along the same waters as the Taipan.

Cruise boats are accompanied by military (here English) during a part of the trip.
 And our friend offered his visual impressions of the trip that are very diferent from the ones we get in court during the trial.

 The riches in Dubai,

 the fishermen, probably working specially so that tourists can take pictures,
 the fisherboats having changed usage and are now carrying tourists around the harbours,
or are already museum pieces,
 and the varietey of boats cruising through the blue waters.

small fisherboat versus

 containership, gives an impression of the different worlds meeting and sometimes clashing in these waters.

"Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints, enjoy your visit!" advise the locals
stop the militarisation of the seas!

reclaim the seas!